Aug 30, 2013

The NHRDN August newsletter focused on "Social Media for HR"

The CHRO of Mphasis, R Elango reached out to me and said that he had been asked by the National HRD Network to be the guest author of their August journal which was to be focused on Social Media for Human Resources. Elango said he wanted me to co-edit the issue - and I was pleased to do so :)

So here's the journal issue (you can download it for free too :) with three contributions by me. A "Social Media for HR 101", an article on Social Learning with my Philips colleague Andrew Lax and a review of Social Tech vendors in the HR space in India. The article also has articles by Yashwant Mahadik of Philips, Kavi Arasu of Asian Paints, Sunder Ramachandran of Jardine Lloyd Thomson, Tanvi Gautam , Syeda Mehar Taj of Infosys, Irfan Abdulla of LinkedIn amongst others