Sep 23, 2013

Social Media training for employees

When it comes to empowering employees I think Dell has the most comprehensive programs ever. So was great to discover these presentations by Liz Bullock of Dell.

Training Your Company For Social Media from Liz Bullock

And this is by Dion Hinchcliffe of Dachis Group:

Here's a presentation by IBM on enabling the social workplace

Another presentation from IBM on internal social networking and employee collaboration

This presentation by Liz, has this blog's post on its final slide :) Yeah I felt chuffed :D

And this presentation by Charlene Li on why social media training is necessary for your employees that also looks at the Dell model as well as what Cisco does.

Training for Social Media Success from Charlene Li

And here's an interesting infographic on Dell's Social Media and Community University

Infographic: Social Media and Community University at Dell from Dell Social Media

I am looking at developing a similar program for our firm. Do let me know if you come across any other useful content, or would like to help in any way :)
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