Jan 3, 2014

Top 10 e-learning folks in the world and in three regions

I was extremely surprised yesterday that this site mentioned that I had been listed in the Asia Pacific section of e-learning movers and shakers!

I have no idea how they made that list. Yes, I sometimes tweet about e-learning but this shows how such lists can be very subjective!

But do go through the lists and you'll find some amazing people to follow and learn from including Charles Jennings, Donald Taylor, Elliot Masie, Harold Jarche, Jay Cross and several true e-learning thinkers! I feel like an impostor in this company :)

On a different note, I am doing a "twangout" (Google Hangout+Twitter chat) hosted by Social Samosa. So if you'd like to know how you can use social media for professional purposes, then register here. It's on 7th from 3-4 pm IST.