May 28, 2014

Big embrace of #SocialRecruiting and Talent Communities by @InsideZappos

I have often blogged about the need for organizations to create talent communities to really embrace "social". You can read my thoughts hereherehere, here and here.  

So I was delighted to learn today that Zappos has embraced "social recruiting" in the way I envisaged, in toto!

Zappos has been a favorite company of mine after I read their CEO Tony Hseih's book. I have blogged about them also.

So what is going to do? According to the WSJ

Zappos, based in Las Vegas, plans to hire at least 450 people this year, but candidates won't find out about those jobs on, or the company website. Instead, they will have to join a social network, called Zappos Insiders, where they will network with current employees and demonstrate their passion for the company—in some cases publicly—in hopes that recruiters will tap them when jobs come open.
The retailer is attempting to fix a common problem, recruitment experts say: how to make the hiring process faster and easier by keeping a pool of willing and able candidates at the ready.