Jul 30, 2014

Apps to get the best Twitter experience

Getting to understand Twitter and using it well is not easy, since it is not a "social/professional networking site" but rather an "information stream". Here are some of the tools that I use along with Twitter to have a great Twitter experience.

1. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck was one of the third party clients which got acquired by Twitter. And it is the primary interface by which I use Twitter on the desktop. As you can see it makes your different streams visible on the same screen and you can add various columns to make twitter work most usefully for you. Tweetdeck also helps you post from multiple accounts, schedule posts, and mute and filter tweets. Go head over to http://tweetdeck.twitter.com and sign up for a better Twitter experience.

2. Mobile Apps for your Smartphone

Twitter has its own apps for the major smartphone platforms - and one of the real time feature of Twitter is most useful on the mobile. These apps are connected to camera and therefore make easy sharing of pics on to Twitter. Very useful when you are stuck in traffic or see something interesting :) Go here and download

3. Content sharing apps

Buffer and Klout are two applications I use to share and schedule content to Twitter. Both are also great content discovery platforms. Install their browser extensions and when you come across a great article you want to share click on the extension. If you use a RSS Feedreader like Feedly you will also see icons to share posts via buffer and other apps.

4. URL Shortener - Bit.ly

Yes Twitter has its own URL shortening system - but Bit.ly is when you want to keep a track of stats of the links you have shared. Specially useful if you are using Twitter for business reasons.

5. Searching Twitter Bios - Followerwonk

Twitter's own search is quite effective - however there is one thing it can't do very well - searching Bios on Twitter. For that there's Followerwonk.

6. Comparing common followers and following - Twiangulate

Twinagulate makes it easy for you to track the common followers and common followers between two accounts.

7. Managing very active and inactive accounts - ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter has lots of great tools like knowing what time you should post, whom to follow and unfollow - from the very active to the inactives. It also tells you which time you should post for maximum visibility. And like Followerwonk has a great Search for Bio capability.