Jan 5, 2015

HNY 2015! And Some interesting blog posts

At the outset here's wishing you all a very happy new year 2015!! Hope it's a great year - and may you achieve a lot of happiness and joy with your loved ones! Because that's all that matters in the end - careers, money and material success are merely the means - and may you achieve those too :)

So here are a few blog posts and articles that have made me think to start you thinking in the new year:

Why HR Heads make great CEOs - really!

The art and science of giving and receiving criticism at work

As robots grow smarter, American workers struggle to keep up

Over half of Indian employees look to switch jobs in 2015- HR folks, are you ready?

Demand for managers with packages higher than a crore grows by 25-30%, say headhunters - that's around US $1.6 million p.a. in India!

XLRI announces 7th National HR Conference on "Social HR and Technological Applications in HR"

A decade from now, will our offices commute to us?

Why leadership-development programs fail

The 'On-Demand Economy' Is Reshaping Companies And Careers

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