Jan 15, 2015

Three great sites to discover Learning and #HRBlogs

The year started with the 6th annual list of elearning movers and shakers and some Indian friends  Sahana Chattopadhyay, Sunder Ramachandran Abhijit Bhaduri, Kavi Arasu,   Manish Gupta, Manish Mohan Sumeet Moghe, made the list! You can check out the list here

Then I chanced to discover - HR Blogger - an aggregator of HR blogs from all over. You get to know what the latest blog posts are being posted - specially if you don't use a feed reader like Feedly. Bookmark this site :)

Today I discovered some very interesting global HR blogs from countries I don't follow blogs from - you can check out the Top 15 International HR Blogs of 2015 here :)

Now go ahead, keep reading and learning :)