Mar 24, 2015

Stop the spam on LinkedIn !

I loved LinkedIn. Really. I was an early adopter. My membership number is 18770. (you can find yours by going to your profile page - it's the number after )

I was on LinkedIn before you had profile pics :) But I am getting nostalgic about the good ol' days.

But of late, many people are falling for spam on LinkedIn. No, I don't mean those mathematical puzzles (though they are irritating too) or "see the letters and the first word will tell.." (ditto). If you're a connection of mine that responds to either one of those there's only one thing I do, I hide your update - that means I will never ever see any update from you. Yep.
This post however is to entreat you not to fall for stupid, idiotic spams like these database building spam posts
Almost 40,000 people have given their mobile numbers to enter a WhatsApp group? Don't people know the limit for a WhatsApp group?
And then there's this. Makes me wonder about basic intelligence of people. No words to express my disappointment!
Please please don't ruin the LinkedIn experience for everyone.