Mar 26, 2015

The 3000th blog post - reflections on 13 years of blogging

So I thought I would blog on something special for this post, but then I realised that maybe this should just be a "looking back" post. And as my friend Steve Levy suggested on Twitter
I wandered into blogging by accident - as I guess most of us who discovered blogging in 2002 did. The pros outweighed the cons. You were part of a small community of bloggers and read each other's blog posts.

Being part of a early adopter community - like joining LinkedIn in 2002, or trying Yammer in 2008 ensure that you build connections easily and feel part of an "elite club", but the cons are that the tools are often not very evolved, and things that you want take time to be built into it - if at all.

Often the needs of the product change from users to revenue and the product changes and most of the early adopters like it. Sometimes the changes are triggered to make the product useful for the "normal" population which the early adopters don't agree with. It's a tricky balance. Saw it in the case of LinkedIn and also Twitter.

And here's an interview that my friend Jim Stroud did of me some 8 years ago - where I talk about how I got blogging