Jan 9, 2019

Thoughts for 2019

It's been a week and a day since 2019 started. I have mostly been hibernating metaphorically. Mostly because the whole greeting everyone "Happy New year" feels not-quite-genuine

Resolutions are also not my style.

However, I have been reading and ruminating. Here are some thoughts that I think are going to happen in 2019

Benefits and Wellness are going to be big in 2019: This is personal experience . Two Benefits providers have approached me in January which means they are ready to spend money to promote it

Specific HR Tech solutions become more relevant: point solutions offer more details for specific solutions . Which is why many #HRTech solutions will be integrated with the larger suites like Workday , SAP SuccessFactors

Analytics will be front and centre: to take any advantage analytics in HR will need be to be cleaned up and answered.

Talent Acquisition and Learning will lead the way for tech adoption: Recruiting has always been the arrowhead for tech adoption.. they are also been for HR Tech adoption