Feb 13, 2004

Got two Y Chromosomes, an advanced IT degree and a H1-B or a Green Card? Didn't make $68,000 last year? Maybe you're being being short-changed on your pay-packet.

Whoa! It's not that simple, actually, according to data released by IT job researchers Dice. For that figure is just the average salary of IT pros across age-groups, specialisation baskets and geographies.

The same figure for women, predictably, is lower - at $62,000.

Actually, sex and age have a lot more influence on tech salaries in the US -- the source of sustenance for the majority of Indian H1-B and L-1 pros --than you'd imagine. While the difference between average salaries for men and women is, as we saw, $6,000, the disparity when it comes to consultant pay is much more.

The average compensation for male consultants is about $96,000 - versus $82,000 for women. As for why consultant salaries are higher, well, remember these assignments needn't be permanent, and usually don't offer the benefits that being part of the payroll does.