Jul 6, 2016

‪#‎socialmedia‬ and ‪#‎employerbranding‬

The folks at Workplace Insights interviewed me on the topic.

You can read it online here

Some excerpts:

Do you think the investment in employer branding actually gives valuable returns to an organization?Right now, nobody is tracking it. Once the investment in it increases, the rigour will also come in. Recently, in the LinkedIn report of most sought after companies, they used a lot of engagement level metrics to rank companies- applicants who saw job postings, applicants who applied on job postings, number of people following company page, number of people who stayed on the job etc. So that’s the new age method of figuring out how your employer is being perceived in the candidate market.
See, for a lot of HR Heads this is a new game, and hence they are also clueless with the concept of employer branding. 1-2 of the HR team members would be working on building an employer brand and that too in silos. Not even the complete HR team is aware what these couple of people are doing, forget the other functions.