May 31, 2004

Career Coaching- The new business

Career coaching is a comparatively new field compared to traditional coaching that concentrated on personal and individual development.

As the name suggests career coaches help individuals to think through their career aspirations and decide on their correct (or rather, more suitable) career options.

Most career coaches come from the job search industry and try to help job searchers with their job search. However there also exist in this space people like Harvard academics Timothy Butler and James Waldroop who are partners in the firm Peregrine Partners.

Some other folks are Patti Wilson of Career Company, Ian Christie of Bold Career

Some more detailed articles are here and here.

I think the options for Career Coaches is bright in India. Lots of people jumping into jobs only to find themselves disillusioned later is a common phenomenon. Most people currently turn to people who 'prescribe' things to do (the neighbourhood 'good boy', the cousin who got a MNC job etc.) without taking into account the person's interests and dreams. The focus of our careers are so much about money and status, but never happiness. That has got to change !