May 24, 2004

First impressions of Gmail

First impressions of Gmail

Ok folks, I know you'd like to know what Gmail offers which is different , so here goes:

1. It feels great to see my mailbox say 1MB occupied and then 0% of 1000MB used :D yeah, its a big high ! I can now get all my list serv emails as individual emails and not lose out any attachment or need to go through to the websites :-)

2. The conversation thread is quite a life saver and keeps the emails easy on the eye

3. The reply box is situated below the mail and expands and is quite intuitive to use.

4. The ads are quite non-obtrusive and even helpful if you want more data before you reply.

5. It's still my second active day of using so I haven't really used the keyboard shortcuts...but I think that would be a great boon to a heavy emailer (as opposed to the person who uses it just to receive emails)...ditto to the "spell checker" facility !

6. The search function is quite fast (what do you expect of Google !) and the labeling instead of moving to folders is a great concept too

Keep watching this space... !