Jun 16, 2004

Best Employer Lists - The Problem of Plenty

It all started with Business Today which launched a new list at regular intervals (we had India's Best Banks, Most Respected Companies, BT 500, Best Wealth Creators, 25 hottest young executives in India and the Best Employers in India)

For some reason its competitor, Businessworld was quick to jump on to the bandwagon and launch its own lists. And the common list was "best employers". BT conducted its survey with the help of HR consultants, Hewitt Associates and BW went in for a little bit extra , conducting the survey using the Great Place to Work Institute's methodology and conducting it with the HR consulting firm Grow Talent.

Now BT has struck back. It claims that the earlier lists might be "flawed" since HR consulting firms have a vested interest when they are ranking companies who might be their clients, BT has now said its intention is to do a 'better' survey which would not really involve in the consulting firm interacting with the companies and therefore market research firm TNS has been roped in to do the data collation process. And the consulting firm it chose was Mercer HR Consulting.

So far, so good.

Now Hewitt has gone and tied up with TV channel CNBC TV18 to launch the first such list on TV, after doing it for three years with BT ! Phew ! where is this heading? How many lists will we saddlied with...and how many claims and counter-claims will we hear later?

Watch this space !