Jun 30, 2004

Diversity watch

Got some interesting articles, useful reading info !

Top women crave CEO job, too

Senior women executives at large U.S. companies want the top job just
as much as men, a survey released Thursday said, striking against
theories that more women are opting out of the business rat race.
Fifty-five percent of top female executives are aiming for the chief
executive or equivalent position, according to a survey by research
firm Catalyst, compared with 57 percent of top male executives.

In a reversal, job growth fades for women workers

For decades, even in the worst of times, women continued to steadily
join the workforce, catching up to men in terms of the percentage of
the population with a full-time paycheck. But during the most recent
downturn, more women left the workforce than came in for the first time
in more than 40 years.

Sure, the articles are written from a US standpoint, but with an increasing number of Indian women joining the organized workforce , these facts might be mirrored here. Add to these, the existing patriarchial and traditional views about "Jobs suited to women" and what we have is a whole lot of work to do, and that will continue increasing !