Jul 22, 2004

For job seekers...

Found a great resource on Vault on how to use Executive recruiters to land a job and giving an insight to how they work.  However, the Canadian Headhunter says that the part about sending your CV by snail mail is a lot of bull....because unless you send your CV in a soft copy how do they ever get it into their database (NO one has filing cabinets these days it seems ;-) Listen to the guy out their in the trenches in the REAL world.

I wonder if Vault or someone like Naukri can bring out something specific to how head hunters work in India...there ought to be a big market for stuff like that.
Some nuggets from the article:

    1. There are two types of recruiters. 33 percent of the firms listed in this directory are retainer, while the remaining 67 percent are contingency. Both charge the client employer a fee and neither should ever charge the prospective employee.
    2. Some search firms specialize, while others don't. Consider both kinds.
    3. Always mail a resume with cover letter, and don't follow up by phone, e-mail or mail. Executive recruiters are interested only in the job-seekers who fit their current openings. Don?t risk alienating a recruiter who may find an opening for you later by taking up his or her valuable time now. Some firms in the directory list web sites. Most of these give detailed advice on whom to contact.

This article was written by Kennedy Information who are like the watchdog of the consulting industry. Yes, recruitment firms are considered part of the consulting industry. That's because they advise the organizations on whom to hire