Aug 5, 2004

Adversity Quotient...?

I came across something pretty interesting. Peak Learning's site showcases something called Adversity Quotient based on Dr. Paul Stoltz's work. With so many xQs (IQ, EQ, SQ) being in vogue over the last few years, my first response was, "oh no, not again"...but when I took a closer look, here is what the site said:

Adversity Quotient®, or AQ®, is the science of human resilience. People who
successfully apply AQ perform optimally in the face of adversity—the challenges,
big and small, that confront us each day. In fact, they not only learn from
these challenges, but they also respond to them better and faster. For
businesses and other organizations, a high-AQ workforce translates to increased
capacity, productivity, and innovation, as well as lower attrition and higher

AQ theory draws from award-winning science to explain in simple terms why
some people are more resilient than others—in other words, why and how they
thrive, even in the most demanding circumstance. It also tells us what it takes
to become more reslient.
AQ measures are exceptionally robust. The statistically valid and reliable
(not many people can say that ! - Gautam)
Adversity Response Profile™ is the exclusive online tool for screening applicants and developing greater resilience in people.
AQ methods are proven — they produce measurable, permanent gains in resilience. Our simple AQ-building process increases performance, health, tenacity, agility, innovation, accountability, entrepreneurship, focus, and effectiveness… among other attributes that help individuals thrive within an organization.

AQ is grounded in research. It can be
measured and tracked against performance and other variables that affect business results. AQ leverages on our natural ability to learn and change, enhancing this vital capacity. In fact, unlike other types of learning, AQ can be permanently rewired and strengthened.

Read more about the AQ book on Amazon.