Aug 13, 2004

Peter Block on the "new" economy

At the designedLearning site Peter Block offers some insight about the 'new' economy.

Some excerpts:

    1. You will survive in the new economy as well as you survived in the old
      economy, for the core values are the same, even though the tools are different.
    2. What is at risk in the new economy is the quality of our experience, both
      individually and collectively.
    3. my sense of smell, touch and observation are being eliminated from the
      marketplace and workplace. Place now occurs electronically.
    4. Coupled with the isolating effects of the technology, what the new economy
      also symbolizes is our recommitment to a new level of materialism.
    5. What threatens my survival in the new economy is my romantic attachment to
      its tools and the wealth that it promises.
    6. The new economy is just that…it may be somewhat new, but it is just an
      economy. It is not a way of life, a replacement for life, a creator of life or
      an answer of any magnitude. It is simply the advent of amazing tools applied to
      mostly mundane problems.