Aug 10, 2004

An XLer challenging Google

There are quite some times when I am so proud of my alma mater that I just can't puffing my chest out.

Like this news item from Businessweek:

"....The average search query contains 2.5 words, leaving plenty of room for
interpretation. As a result, searches typically turn up hundreds of links, many
of them irrelevant. A handful of startups, from Vivisimo to iXmatch
., are using so-called clustering technology that organizes
several hundred search results into subject-specific folders.... As they hit the
market, the new technologies will likely make search even more indispensable to
our lives"

And as the XL Alumni blog points out iXmatch Inc. is founded and led by Prakash "P.V.R" Puram of the 1978 batch of XLRI