Nov 2, 2004

KM - The organizational ghetto?

dave pollard has an interesting post, and yeah I was nodding too :-). Read the full post here:
An excerpt:

At a KM conference last year, I somewhat timidly suggested to the audience
that KM has become the organizational ghetto for the most creative minds in
business. I explained that almost everyone I knew in senior positions in KM was
brighter and more inventive than their peers, and had self-selected or been
hand-picked by management to lead their organizations' KM programs for that
reason. There was a belief in the dot-com '90s that knowledge was the critical
strategic asset of business, and the gateway to innovation. KM was going to make
a difference, and allow people enamoured with creativity and change to lead that
change.A decade later, most people left in KM are disillusioned. The culture of
big business has shifted sharply back right, and cost reduction, not innovation,
is Job One. There has not been much to show for all that promise and creative
ambition. But those in KM should not blame themselves. They were unwittingly set
up for disappointment. Executives don't know what to do with creative thinkers,
and putting them into KM was, at least in hindsight, a perfect way to
'institutionalize' them, keep them visible as innovation role models but
marginalize them so they don't actually do anything, or spend much of the
company's money. They are the corporation's lip service to diversity and
creativity. The problem is, unless they want a life as starving artists or
starving writers, they really have no place to go. They're trapped in this
creative ghetto.