Nov 19, 2004

marketing and product blogs - the question of 'staff' functions

Crossroads Dispatches by Evelyn Rodrigues links to my comment on Marc's new blog where he sought feedback.

But it is an interesting question, are Marketers making life 'too complicated' for themselves ? Are HR people? Are Finance people? Do we in the "staff" functions like to make our work like rocket science to feel that we are "adding value" to the organization?

If you see the six trends that are seen to be impacting HR (from Deepa's Jigyasa Consulting blog) I am sure they can be addressed if one thinks of them as "business challenges" rather than HR challenges.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying HR is "common sense". It is not. There is a science and art to it. Group dynamics and motivation theory is not common sense. It is common sense when it applies to me, individually, but sensing undercurrents and diagnosing group issues comes only with lots of practice and lots of empathy.