Dec 1, 2004

Management is dead (or dying?)

Tom Peters quotes the book The End of Management :

"Managers are the dinosaurs of our modern organizational ecology. The
Age of Management is finally coming to a close. The need for overseers,
surrogate parents, scolds, monitors, functionaries, disciplinarians,
bureaucrats, and lone implementers is over, while the need for visionaries,
leaders, coordinators, coaches, mentors, facilitators, and conflict resolvers is
steadily increasing, pressing itself upon us. ... Nearly unnoticed, a far-reaching organizational transformation has already begun, based on the idea that management as a system fails to open the heart or free the spirit. This
revolution is attempting to turn inflexible, autocratic, static, coercive
bureaucracies into agile, evolving, democratic, collaborative, self-managing
webs of association.”