Dec 20, 2004

PeopleSoft employee wants to get his coworkers jobs

Scoble blogs about David Sohigian who works at PeopleSoft.

Daivd Sohigian blogs about PeopleSoft's takeover by Oracle.
David Sohigian is
looking for ways to find PeopleSoft's employees new jobs. (He estimates that
3,000 to 6,000 of his coworkers will lose their jobs in the next few
This is great blogging. I wanna help him and his coworkers out.
Got any jobs for PeopleSoft'ers? Get in touch with David. Better yet, post any
open jobs on your blog and link to David's blog. He'll see your link in
Technorati. So will I.
PeopleSoft employees: David is collecting resumes of
his coworkers so that as he works with hiring directors he can help you get
Personally, you should go even one better. Don't look desperate
(I've been there, it's tough to do, but it looks better if you just play up your
strengths). Instead, just link to David's blog and say "I'm a PeopleSoft
employee and here's my resume." David will build an RSS search for "PeopleSoft
employee" and will make sure that the hiring groups he's in touch with sees all
the bloggers that also have a resume linked on their weblog.
Since I don't know any Peoplesoft employees yet, I'm merely passing along David and Scoble's message. Best of luck folks.

Anybody have any idea how the takeover will impact Oracle employees?