Dec 22, 2004

Role of Trust

I know that I've started quoting Robert Scoble a lot recently, and that's not because he's an A-lister. I don't quote David Weinberger or Joi Ito so often , do I.

It's because in the plethora of techie (or is it techy?)/geeky posts, Scoble occasionally posts a gem for people like me...

Check this out, I am sure that us HR folks, KM folks, training & learning folks have to make this and topics like these mandatory reading !

Interesting paper is now on The Future Role of Trust in Work.
"It argues that outdated command and control management culture is causing managers to misuse technology, over-scrutinising worker performance. This means employees are reacting to communication from employers rather than interacting with customers - therefore ultimately damaging UK productivity."

By the way, here's what I've earlier mused about trust in organizations.

It's people like Scoble and others who are giving collaboration and trust a different meaning. I mean, where else can you even experience something like this ?