Apr 29, 2005

Pitching to HR folks?

Marketingsherpa has some tips:

HR professionals – at all levels – are incredibly busy (you’re lucky if you get one on the phone). In addition to having to put out day-to-day fires – GPs for instance, are usually dealing with employee relations issues and the like – HR professionals spend 10-40% of their time in meetings and the rest in dealing with strategic issues, such as lowering turnover, improving the recruitment process, or reviewing programs from a cost perspective.
One thing to note: MBA types are moving into HR, which is now seen as a respectable and results-driven field (versus its “pink collar” ghetto reputation of the 1990s). !!!

Four Key Challenges HR Pros Face Now

#1. Regulations and inefficient processes
#2. Resistance to change
#3. Technology solutions could be better
#4. Executive ethics and compliance is huge