May 3, 2005

When star performers leave and media battles

You know you are living in office when you don't watch TV, and realise that Rajdeep Sardesai is no longer with NDTV !

I mean, what could it have taken for Prannoy Roy's blue-eyed boy (figuratively speaking:-) he's neither blue-eyed or a boy!) to leave the news media company he helped create to join a niche player like TV18.

Outlook magazine quotes: A website wrote he quit NDTV because he thought he
worked the hardest and yet there were five people who were earning more than

So while money in itself is not a motivator, it also becomes a mirror for one's centrality in the organization. And when one finds that reputation and compensation do not match, it's a vulnerable time for poachers.

Oh and read the rest of the Outlook article, some interesting media battles hotting up. One interesting entity is the Zee promoted Daily News & Analysis (DNA) which is trying to redefine news as people's opinion (why don't they just print the Indian Blogosphere?) See the campaign: Phase I, Phase II, Phase III. They are also on a poaching drive from the Old Lady of Boribunder which is losing heavyweights like sports editor Ayaz Memon to DNA and others! Check more details of the battle here. With HT set to storm TOI's fortress in Mumbai, there's going to be bloodbath on the streets and very high pay packets for journalists and rainmakers!