Jun 4, 2005

Dub Dubs is surprised...

by the quality of HR blogging content originating from India....

and then he comes to the conclusion...
this reveals the truth behind how much brainpower is over there. Well... they do have 4x more bodies than the U.S. after all.

I never realised the power of blogging to shape opinions of functional competence or national image. Of course, the power of communicating in a common language makes it easier for Indian bloggers to be understood by English, American, Australian, Kiwi and Canadian blog readers. Yes Canadian Headhunter you won't come across issues like this on most Indian blogs :-)

On the serious side, I took some time to analyze the data of nationalities of people accessing this blog and this is what it showed.

After India, Singapore came in second with 9% people accessing, followed by US at 8.39% and Australia at number four with 6% of the count. Canada comes in fifth (Anthony and Michael, why are you lagging behind ;-) ?). The next 5 countries are those that are not native speakers of English like Netherlands, France, Germany, Japan and Indonesia. So if you folks find my writing style/language difficult to follow , please drop me a comment and I'll act on it !

The interesting point to note is that India only accounted for 42% of my hits. Hmm....now I know what kind of dilemmas a Trans National Corporation might be feeling.

Ok, with that extremely pretentious comment , I think it is time I headed towards dinner !!