Aug 1, 2005

Does training lack A types?

The Learning Circuits blog postulates on why training is lagging behind business.

There are some great comments also.

My view is that training has to be enmeshed in the guts of the organization to actually move from feel-good classroom sessions to performance and skill enhancement.

The other disconnect is between "training" and "learning". As we instinctively know, learning happens not during the classroom session but AFTER it. In that process, immediate supervisors and managers are the key catalysts to transfering the process of learning on the job.

What can a manager do to help his/her employee learn better ?

1. Understand that not all learning will be a result of training? How about giving the employee to work on a cross-functional project or undergo a job rotation for a fixed period?

2. Asking the employee his/her career goal and linking them to a potential mentor of that job will help the employee learn better from role modeling.

3. Investigate. Often what seems like a "skill" issue (and therefore a training issue!) might actually turn out to be a "will" issue (and require managerial intervention of a different kind)

4. Work with trainers and give them detailed "as is" and "desired state" scenarios of the employees.