Aug 5, 2005

Indian Vertical job search engine

I've covered earlier on this blog. It's an Indian vertical job search engine, and scrapes jobs from 16 Indian job sites. I see now they've added a RSS feed that one can save to one's blog/site. So you can put a search like this one on your blog and keep your readers informed of new jobs that suit the criteria

What is a vertical job search engine?

John Sumser has a lot of gyan on them:

" The vertical search companies use job scraping techniques to build massive databases of job advertisements. The techniques of job scraping are nearly a decade old and used to build ad databases at most new job boards. They are also used to collect ads from paying customers. While Monster could not turn FlipDog into a profitable company, they continue to use scraping techniques to build their online employment index.
It's pretty clear that the vertical job search companies are not really gunning to take on the existing players. There's another motive under the covers. Partly, it's a hope that Yahoo or Google will reach out and purchase their blossoming entry into the job market. Partly it's a belief that the market has really turned into a candidate centric sellers market. Partly, it's a belief that technology will trump marketing. Partly, it's a belief that market timing is the gateway for technologies."

Update: Latest news is that SimplyHired, the best known vertical job search has got $3 million funding!

The investors include Rajeev Motwani, a Stanford computer science professor and early investor and technical advisor for Google; Ron Conway, founder of Angel Investors, an early investor in both Google and Ask Jeeves; and Kanwal Rekhi, a serial entrepreneur and former CTO of Novell; and several others.
"We limited this round to strategic angels and experienced entrepreneurs to accelerate the company's early growth and market development," said Gautam Godhwani, founder and CEO of Simply Hired. "The value we get from investors with operating experience is as much based on knowledge and guidance as monetary contribution, and is a tremendous validation of our business model."

Note: Gautam Godhwani is in no way related to me (I wish!)


  1. Hi Gautam, we've got excellent vertical joboards here in the USA...
    Vertical job helps people sourcing last job offers focusing on sector, domain or simply job title.
    Here is the new revolution of job search engine : RSS feeds that allow joobseekers to keep informed of every moovement of a vertical joboard : jobblog...

  2. The cash investments in sites like SimplyHired and is a testement to the fact the the vertical search is seen as a viable market ( for the time being at least!) Also check out sites like Biohealthmatics, which searches for Biotech jobs and Healthcareernet searches for health care jobs. Both these sites provide more vertical job searches within particular industries.

  3. thats true and I fully agree with you bu I don;t like sites like,

  4. Hi Gautam,

    I am more interested in knowing about the technology that works behind these specialised searches like

    If you can enlighten me briefly on this or send some useful liks to me on