Nov 23, 2005

Book Review: They Just Don't Get it

First, the disclaimer: I got a mail from Leslie Yerkes' assistant, Stephen, asking me if I would be interested in reviewing a book on Change and Communication. I said that I would, and that's how a copy of They Just Don't Get It! came into my hands.

The book is written in the newly popular style of "business fable" (with lots of pictures) and would last a fast reader less than 30 minutes.

The premise of the book is simple: Sometimes when you are trying to influence people with your views, and they don't seem to get it, maybe the problem is not with them, maybe the issue is with you.

Positioned A-type personalities, who have little time with theory Leslie Yerkes and Randy Martin make a story of an advertising executive who learns to loosen up and get her team's inputs into ideas to make it a richer idea.

No rocket science here, just one concept that's focussed on here.

People who are a little more conceptual and theoretical (like me) would be disappointed, but I guess business executives these days seem to prefer books like these.