Nov 15, 2005

XLRI's Ensemble fest

For people who might be going to jampot (I sadly, am not :()

Look up details at XLRI Ensemble site.

The highlights this year -

- theme of bottom of pyramid (that promises to be an interesting one!)
- Reliance strategy case study on telemedicine in rural India (another case I would love to get to know about!)
- O&M Marketing Case where teams would interact live with creative team from O&M in their offices across India (wow, the exposure the students get these days!)
- Tata Steel Social Business Plan contest (B-schools turning more and more social these days!)
- HLL and Sapphire present the HR Simulation
and ITC Pharaohs - the flagship game where Ixthus, the Adventurer takes on the desert storms to build a pyramid for the Pharaoh! (now that did not make any sense to me!)