Dec 19, 2005

20 dumbest business practices

Tom Peters blogged this recently:

I'll give you my 11 starting propositions, scribbled out so far: Men as CEOs of consumer goods companies! CFOs promoted to CEO. Mergers of Decrepit Monsters! Strategic plans in excess of three pages. Big offices for bosses. Focus groups. Hiring lots of MBAs. HR boss not a member of the Board of Directors. CIO not a member of the Board of Directors. Corporate staffs in excess of 50 people. Anything other than Unbridled Enthusiasm at the top of the hiring or promoting criteria list for any + every job. More later.

Do I dare to add 9 to the great TP's list...I'll give it a shot:

12. Spending too much time in meetings
13. Not learning from mistakes
14. More blame-game than introspection
15. Killing weird ideas.
16. Not listening to customers.
17. Relying too much on market research.
18. Jumping onto any b(r)andwagon without too much study.
19. Merging for the heck of it!

P.S. Loved TP's takes on "HR Boss not being a member of the board" and the one on "unbridled enthusiasm"!