Jan 18, 2006

Talent shortage in HR in India?

Today I saw an ad which I never thought I would ever see in India.

Infosys has consistently been amongst India's best employers.

Ergo, the best HR minds are working at Infosys, right?

And since the best like to work with the best, they would be pounding on Infosys' HR gates to get to work with them, right?


Seems like there is a huge amount of HR talent shortage in Infosys, going by the ad they've put out in the Hindu supplement for jobs today. They've advertised positions in HR for business support, Recruitment and Organization Effectiveness across locations.

The experience band they are looking at is 5-7 years which seems to be the people most in demand these days ;-)

There are many reasons why companies like Infosys might be feeling a talent shortage in HR.

1. The large IT companies have a huge HR group, numbering almost 200-300. Good HR folks want to move to smaller groups to increas there chance of being visible.

2. The talent pool for good HR professionals is quite limited in India, to institutes that are only a handful in number.

Going forward we are going to see more and more of innovative measures like this to bridge the talent gap.