Feb 28, 2006

Thing 2: Get to know lots of areas!

Continuing to expand on this list. Here is Thing 1.

Along with developing an area of deep expertise, what one should also do is build awareness and working knowledge of related area. This helps you guard against the danger of becoming redundant if your area of deep expertise suddenly becomes irrelevant.

It also helps you to keep an eye on emerging trends, and if needed to cross over to them, if an exigency arises.

So if you are a Sales person with an Insurance firm, how well do you know Brand Management? How about knowledge of the insurance industry?

Think functional and related functional areas. Also think industry and related industry areas.

Some of the best ways to do this is to do initiatives that enable you to work on cross-functional projects. These could be of short duration and also help you to get visibility with company leaders. It's the best way to soak the perspectives of one's colleagues.

Be sure to leave your functional stereotypes and blinkers away and think from an organizational perspective.

What other ways do you build knowledge of related disciplines and areas?