Mar 30, 2006

Ghosh's Uncertainity Principle (GUP)

This started off as a joke.

We have a session in office when some of us gather together to discuss concepts and chapters from a book on Organizational Behavior (Fred Luthans' if you want to know!).

Today the topic was Personality.

Now it is believed that personality is the factor for behavior, but the fact remains that research has almost never found how much of behavior is influenced by personality and how much by the situation or the context.

So I pronounced, "The atomic unit of organizational behavior is the individual's behavior, and you can never know with any degree of certainity both the personality or the situation behind the behavior"

But on a serious note, I think that personality is a western construct. In India the focus is on role of a person with regard to time and context. I don't know of any Indian word that is a direct translation of "personality", although there are words that are the equivalents of self, identity and ego.