Mar 24, 2006

The Indian B School Alumni Database - New networking site

Some folks I know recently soft-launched a new website, Alumnidatabase. This is a unique social networking site, in my opinion. While social networking sites usually take two approaches to spreading the community (1. Invite only, like Orkut and Doostang, or 2. Anybody can sign on and then incentivise to add people into the community, like Ryze or Linkedin) , these folks have defined the limit to the members that they want to add.

That group is alumni of the "top B Schools" of India. Currently there are 18 B Schools listed there and I'm not sure if they plan to add more! However, you can search the database even, if you are not a member.

That kind of defines who would love to use the site: headhunters.

They plan (or already have) on having "institute administrators" who whet applications from the institute. So they are in essence the gatekeepers for the site and their role is critical to making this work. If they are too strict or take too much time to let in people the community might suffer. If they make mistakes and let in impersonators, then too the community would lose trust.

It's a tough role, and I can empathise as I've done that role for a egroup for the past 6-7 years and it is like walking on a razor's edge.

Oh, a similar community is 6bridges, but they don't seem to filter people.