Mar 9, 2006

Signs of the Times: GenNext or Millenials

Earlier I thought that Orkut was primarily a dating site, but in recent weeks my perspectives have got shaken by the following:

1. Headhunters are using Orkut's communities to advertise jobs and sometimes profiling candidates and 'scrapping' them (in Orkutspeak!) to inform them of jobs and asking them for referals. The fact that there exist organization-based communities for past, present and future employees to connect is a great way for recruiters to target passive job seekers. Of course, educational institute communities are also ripe for targetting.

2. Three of the employees for whom I am a HR Manager first connected to me through orkut, before I met them in person. That really brought the reality of managing GenNext (or Millenials) to me in person !

Update: In response to Ajit's comment below, I think Orkut should start offering RSS feeds of their community postings. That would be a good strategy to take on Yahoogroups. Even Yahoogroups offers RSS feeds but only for groups open to the public.