Apr 13, 2006

HR Manager - 4th best job in the US?

According to this article being a HR Manager is the fourth best job in the US. (link via Recruiting.com)

This is what it says:

Why it's great
At more and more companies, HR is no longer about benefits administration
and the employee newsletter. Those tasks are increasingly outsourced, and
directors and v.p.s are considered strategic planners.Even lower-level managers
are expected to design employee programs that also benefit the bottom line.
International HR and compliance are especially hot. There's a wide variety of
work, from self-employed benefits specialists to corporate recruiters and HR

What's cool
The mission: to make work more rewarding for workers. You help shape
corporate culture and strategy.

What's not

Fighting the "fluffy HR" stereotype; firing people.

Top-paying job
Senior HR directors make around $285,000; at the C-suite level, it's more
like $1 million-plus.

Bachelor's degree, often followed by master's level work or professional

Hmm, if I had to reword this to the Indian context the only things that would change are:

Top-paying job
Senior HR directors make around Rs. 30-40 lakhs (that's $70,000 - $ 90,000); at the C-suite level, it's more like Rs. 80-1 crore plus ($180,000 to $230,000).

MBA in HR, or MA (Industrial Psychology). There are no professional HR certifications in India. You could however become member of professional bodies like ISABS, ISISD and Sumedhas.