Apr 21, 2006

Indian Innovations

Atul and other bloggers discuss whether Indian organizations are innovative or not.

Here's my comment:

My view is that we Indians are great at 'decentralised' innovation. These are innovations that might not be visible in the form of great organizations but they impact more people than certain organizations.

You have to remember that 93% of the Indian workforce is in the unorganized sector. It is this sector that actually innovates and touches the lives of the mainstream population (we bloggers are not mainstream, we are on the edge ;-)

Have you heard of a makeshift vehicle called the "maruta" in rural Punjab? That's an innovation that touches people who need to transport over land where there is no road.

Or how about washing machines being used by rural folks to make "lassi" the curd based drink?

Innovations like Jaipur foot and Aravind eye hospitals are documented to be world beating innovations outperforming benchmarks in cost as well as productivity.

We shouldn't be seeing innovations through the Western lens.

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