Apr 5, 2006

Mainstreaming blogging

Mohit proposes a rating agency for blogs. Mohit, don't you know that there is a rating agency for blogs, and that is the reader of the blogs themselves, and technorati ? These days if you use technorati search, you can choose to have your results come on a time basis or on who has posted on the search term. And authority is calculated by incoming links.

For example this blog is currently at rank 12,944 and therefore would be lower in trust by a random blog reader than Instapundit or BoingBoing.

Again, to reiterate my view, I feel blogging is a tool for people-intensive businesses, the professional services firms. And the ones who will derive maximum benefit from blogging are the services firms who:

  • have little access to direct sales and marketing spends
  • have clients who scour the net for solutions and services
  • can deliver services remotely across geographies
  • want to build up two or three practitioners as subject matter experts