May 18, 2006

On being authentic and leading transformation

Dr. Balaji shares his learnings on what it takes to lead change.

If you believe in something, the world would often than not, work with you. If you are authentic that is. I have heard much brouhaha about corporates being ommitted to issues. It has been my experience that very few are deeply interested in issues - especially burning social issues. Coffee table discussion fine. Serious transformation issues - thank you!

But I have also seen what a few committed people with passion can do. I have seen this lady who headed the APSACS achieve in a few years. Probably one could say, repeated messaging over a period of time created a climate. Boy, was she good at it? Some times I wondered if only she allowed others to speak. But her passion, even if it meant frustration for many rang in the authenticity. Unless you chose to be deaf.