Jun 5, 2006

Apple unplugs Bangalore Technical Support

Haven't been able to find the story online, but have heard enough word of mouth to give you all the scoop.

Apple Computers which had planned to set up its offshore support facility in Bangalore (see earlier post here) has scrapped its plans and has handed the pink slip to the 28 or so management people hired so far.

Apple had hired ex-Dell VP Mohan Kharbanda to head the centre. Another ex-Dell HR person Batis Brent was heading HR for Apple's offshore centre at Bangalore. And the Recruiter was from HP.


Indian Blogger points out to an online article at http://www.itwire.com.au/content/view/4515/945/

So what is the message that Apple is trying to convey?

We wanted to copy Dell's model of India support, so we hired Mohan Kharbanda to grow our centre the "Dell way".

Oops, we suddenly noticed that Dell's stock is headed south.

So we'll cut back our plans and ensure that you continue to recieve tech support through our third party centre in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Duh !