Jun 29, 2006

Barriers to Innovation: Standards and Supports

Very often, organizational innovation is looked at as a process within the organization only.

So processes and policies are built and brainstormed to open up creative juices and mind-blocks within the organization. Silos are broken down, breakthough ideas are dreamt of, and cynics told to shut up or else...

But still organizational innovation either in the process mode, or product mode, often fails.

That's because, when innovating people seem to ignore the external standards and supports that often have a pivotal role in making innovation work.

Suddenly the product that people have designed does not really fit the retail shelf, or blends in too easily with other me-too products. Or the product and packaging is not helpful to store or transport by the logistics people.

Sometimes it all depends on luck. Between the GSM and CDMA standards which will emerge victorious?

So what do you factor in your plans when you innovate?