Jun 15, 2006

Going Solo

Uber-blogger and tech journalist Om Malik is going solo.

Are we actually starting to see the Free Agent Nation coming into its own?

The answer in my opinion, is yes and no.

Sure there are people who are using blogs and related technologies to build their brands and deciding that the security of large companies are not needed any more. In other words, they can carve their dreams into reality.

Most of us however, have only a vague idea of our dreams and within a large organization end up making it in a different form and shape. This, more than any other fact, is the biggest reason why people feel suffocated within organizations and yearn for the day that they can open their own 'dukaan'

Update: Some people however, just move on to bigger and better dreams. (hat tip: Heather)

V Kartikeyan, who is currently Texas Instruments' head of Human Resources in India is also going solo from next month. Kartik (or Kaka, as he is also known) will be a freelance consultant in the areas of Organizations, OD and Leadership Development. Here's an interview he gave to the Hindu in 2001.