Jun 29, 2006

So many jobs...

...and not enough people ! So Mukesh Ambani has plans for training and education too !

from the Business Standard (can't write BS for it ;-))

As Reliance gets closer to the deadline for the roll out of its first retail outlet, the action is also hotting up on the people front.

According to HR consultants, the attrition levels in the sector have sky rocketed in the last few months, especially in the corporate and back office functions where Reliance has been steadily hiring.

The company's retail team is already 2,000 people strong. Over the next few years,
the group has committed to spending Rs 25,000 crore on its retail rollout , which is expected to create at least 1 million jobs both directly and indirectly. And this is just retail.

Refining, the company's other major initiative, is also likely to spawn a number of openings, predominantly for engineers and management staff.

Ambani said that in addition to the 10,000 professionals that they would be hiring for the retail venture, the company would also take on board 500,000 customer care executives.

These would be youngsters, either students or those who are fresh out of college, who would be trained by the company across a variety of disciplines.

These would include behavioural traits, customer service, product knowledge and the technology aspects, all of which would serve them well as the frontline staff for the retail stores.

"Our plan is to provide training and education opportunities on a distributed learning platform through classroom e-learning and and personalised coaching in a 'earn while you learn' framework," said Ambani.

The company is said to be working in collaboration with a foreign partner to develop an appropriate training module for the frontline staff.

In addition to this, Mukesh Ambani is said to be finalising plans to set up a university in Gujarat which would produce 10,000 graduates a year.

While the university would offer courses across various disciplines, it is believed that most of these students would be absorbed by the different Reliance group firms. The university is also likely to tie up with a few international universities.