Jun 8, 2006

Why Lefkow is in the wrong zone.

Dave Lefkow in ERE makes a case if Recruiting should leave HR for good. I don't know where Dave is coming from, but I disagree with the argument totally.

Sure HR is a despised function. Along with Transport, Facilities and the office canteen. The reason is simple, when a support function has an impact on the personal needs of an individual, the function almost always loses. In trying to average out the needs of the individuals it ends pleasing nobody.

That's why very few people like the cafeteria food consistently. That's why everybody has an opinion on HR issues.

Most people when asked "Do you feel you are paid commensurate with your performance?" would say "No". Ironically, the ones who underestimate themselves are the people who are the high performers!

Dave postulates that since HR is universally hated, Recruiting has to secede from HR to be respected and taken as a strategic function.

I agree that the benefits of Recruitment is more immediate to see compared with other HR functions. Take a look at Anuradha's post explaining the behavioral aspects behind it.
In my book, any business that ranks certain HR functions over the others is one which aims at short term efforts and therefore is not a sustainable business.

Sure, recruitment can get you the great talent, but if can't ensure that performance management is fair and rewards are linked to performance then it won't take that long to lose the superstars you hired, and for you to lose the sheen on your employment brand.

Sure, HR Outsourcing is going to hit a lot of HR departments, and that is when Sanjay's advice will come in handy.

For all of HR, including recruitment !