Aug 1, 2006

More CEOs should blog

Jason Goldberg urges fellow jobsite vertical CEOs to start blogging.

Heh. That's provocative. Now let's see if any of them rise up to the challenge ;-))

a fellow named damien over at simplyhired, responded by noting that simply is the process of "getting someone to work on our blog (a respected blogger in the HR field)." BLAH! come on gautam, blog yourself dude. don't hire someone else to do it. you're a stud (seriously, he is smart as hell and is building a great company), let everyone out there get to know you personally. last time anyone at simply contributed to the simply blog was on april 19th. and you too paul. last time you blogged was june 4th! over here, we've got 400+ customers and are selling millions of dollars of product every month and i'm still finding time to blog. can't you guys?