Aug 8, 2006

Process Work's Relevance for HR

On a HR egroup I recently championed the cause of HR people being exposed to process work and preferably becoming trained facilitators. Here is what I wrote:

Why is process work suggested for HR people?

Process work originated in the T groups and S group labs in the National Training Labs in the US, with people like Kurt Lewin, Edgar Schein and Chris Argyris leading the way. It helps people become sensitve to their own behavioral processes and the underlying processes that guide group and organizational behavior. Here is a great historical perspective!

Most of the times these processes are unacknowledged, invisible and not acted upon, this leads to organizational processes being short-circuited and people not knowing what caused that issue. HR people by nature of their role are custodians of both people and processes and it becomes imperative for them to sense and understand the undercurrents that guide such behavior.

Some more resources and links are here .

Organizations in India helping people become facilitators: