Sep 3, 2006

B School Recuiter?

Then you should be very aware of the smaller things that can sway candidates away or towards your firm. Lessons to be kept in mind, if your brand is not too well known as a MBA recruiter, then who you send to campus matters a lot. Surya's post demonstrates how she felt about a company:

The first company did choose me for the final interview. However, small things -
how the ppt presentation was made, how the man talked proudly about not having
time for his family.. it all came out in the interview. I walked out knowing
that I did not make it, and I was happy that I did not.

And what made her choose another:

The last one. No seniors here, no batchmates so far. Nobody knows anything
about them. I have not attended their ppt. My friends who are going for the
interview have not pegged it high.

I liked the lady, the way she talked, and the fact that her hair was
streaked. I made a mental note to streak likewise as soon as the process gets
over. It was more like talking to an elder cousin, discussing life and work. And
I discovered to my mortification that even though they deal with technology,
they are very much an FMCG.